What we do

We can help tertiary education providers to:

  • Take the headache out of compliance requirements
  • Independently review and evaluate programmes, departments or systems
  • Establish, review or audit your quality systems
  • Improve your student retention and success outcomes
  • Develop new programmes and complete accreditation applications
  • Facilitate and manage collaborative partnerships
  • Provide coaching and mentoring services to your senior staff
  • Fill temporary personnel gaps with senior management 'locums'
  • Develop and provide advice on general policy and quality management systems
  • Develop curriculum alignment pathways, programmes and relationships
  • Complete those really important tasks and projects that you haven't got the time or available staff to do justice to e.g. feasibility studies, general research, special event management.
  • Conduct a sustainable business evaluation for your organisation
  • Manage risk through business continuity planning
  • Develop quality education resources